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3 min readApr 7, 2024

Weekly Report — April 7, 2024


Welcome to our weekly update, a summary of the most recent progress and achievements in our project. To access the previous update, please click on the following link: Weekly Report — March 31, 2024

1. Balance AI Autonomous Agents Challenge

We announced our second AI grant aimed at fostering innovation and supporting community initiatives within the realm of artificial intelligence.

We invite participants to develop the most innovative Autonomous Agents solution utilizing the Balance AI Autonomous Agents POC.


All information about our second grant can be found in the link below:

2. Monitoring infrasctructure

We are working on preparing solid monitoring infrastructure for the V0 Testnet and V0 Mainnet.

Monitoring infrastructure is crucial for blockchain projects because it helps ensure the security, scalability, and reliability of the network.

  • Security Threats Detection: Monitoring infrastructure helps identify
    potential security threats, such as unauthorized access, data breaches,
    or malicious activity, allowing you to take prompt action to prevent
  • Scalability Planning: By monitoring infrastructure, you can
    anticipate growth and adjust your resources accordingly, ensuring that
    the network can handle increased traffic and demand without performance degradation.
  • Resource Utilization: Monitoring infrastructure provides insights into
    resource utilization, helping you optimize server capacity, reduce costs,
    and avoid overprovisioning or underprovisioning resources.
  • Network Performance Optimization: Monitoring infrastructure allows you to track the performance of the network, identify bottlenecks, and
    optimize resources to improve speed and user experience.

3. We are in the final phase of working on the documentation

At present, we’re deeply engaged in the meticulous process of documentation. Our focus lies in organizing, detailing, and clarifying vital information that underpins our project. With a keen eye for accuracy and clarity, we strive to ensure that our documentation serves as a reliable reference point for our team members and stakeholders alike. Through this concerted effort, we aim to streamline workflows, enhance communication, and fortify the foundation upon which our endeavors rest.

4. Audit

The codebase has been upgraded to the latest stable version of Substrate.

We are working with the auditor on the settings of the latest version of substrate and initializing the audit.

5. Our V0 mainnet source has been updated to the latest stable substrate version 1.7.2.

We were still running the regression testing, once completed we will hand over the code for the final audit.

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