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3 min readFeb 25, 2024

Weekly Report — February 25, 2024


Welcome to our weekly update, a summary of the most recent progress and achievements in our project. To access the previous update, please click on the following link: Weekly Report — February 18, 2024

Let’s examine the main highlights from the previous week:

1. The Functionality Roadmap was officially unveiled during the announcement

As we continue our journey toward building Balance AI Network, we are excited to unveil the Functionality Roadmap and Table of Contents that provide a comprehensive overview of our project’s key elements and WorkFlow within Balance AI Network ecosystem.

Balance AI Network — Functionality Roadmap

2. Audit

We are currently in discussions with an auditing company regarding the assessment and audit of the source code for version 0. These discussions aim to establish a collaborative partnership wherein the auditing company will thoroughly scrutinize our codebase, ensuring its integrity, security, and compliance with industry standards and best practices.

3. Since last week, we have also been listed on CoinMarketCap

4. Continuing tests of staking and validation on v0 AlphaBalance Testnet

Tests underway on AlphaBalance Testnet v0. The current weeks are dedicated to the following components:

  • pallet_staking
  • RPC


We have been working on a Proof of Concept project to research ZK Snarks technologies in the context of ZKML — Validating Machine Learning models in the production environment (trustless execution of ML models). Stay tuned for the results of the POC.

6. Mainnet — The Torus — Detailed Guide

Our team is diligently crafting a detailed guide outlining the functional roadmap of The Torus. This comprehensive resource will illuminate the intricacies of our plans and delve into the technical aspects of our mainnet.

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